Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show.
Upon finding out that love can cure the eternal winter she has set upon her kingdom, she returns home, to be with her sister and her fiancee, Kristoff. And we musn't forget Olaf!

Now she is the rightful queen of Arendell and she never plans on shutting the doors ever again.

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"You are a real jerk you know."He grumbles.


"That would be the first time I’ve been called that."



                 ❛ Why does everyone suggest warm milk when you can’t sleep? ❜

                                                  warm milk is disgusting.

"I’d rather have Ice cream."


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       Anna snored,
                                                 letting her newborn
                                                 baby cry on. It’s 3 am
                                                 and Anna, being a single
                                                 mother, definitely didn’t
                                                 want to get out of bed and
                                                 tend to Anette. She was far
                                                 beyond exhausted.

Anna!” Elsa called out sharply before relenting.

                                            She shook her head and walked over to the bassinet, holding                                                        her niece. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” She murmured,                                                                 picking the baby up and sniffing. “…Yeah, that’s wrong.”

        Elsa said with a grimace. “C’mon, baby, cooperate.” She said as she started to                           change the diaper. Once finished, she tossed the soiled linens away before                                   sitting on the rocking chair, smiling at Anette. “Hi, baby.” 

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✿ ~~ “You’re so bad!”

"I have no idea what you’re talking about." Elsa said, holding a hand to her mouth to stop from giggling.

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"Has anyone seen Anna? She asked to go ice skating."

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"It’s burning up in here!"

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Time Away (Closed RP with unwillingqueenofarendelle)


Anna held back the tears. She sat up and ran a hand through her hair, looking over at her sister. “Well I didn’t mean to get all emotional there.” She stood up a slid across the floor for fun, enjoying the slippery surface of the ice. She let out a giggle of excitement as the feeling of flight and freedom ran through her system. “This is amazing!”

Before she moved away, Elsa hugged her sister. 

"Watch this!" She called as she jumped from the banister, creating a single step of ice as she walked down, twirling as more snow fell from the top of the room. 

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Once Upon A Time | Frozen

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"Um I’m sorry I… I forgot." [stutters] "Kristoff called me over and well… You know"


Elsa couldn’t help but sigh as she rolled her eyes, good naturedly. 

"Anna, you don’t have to apologize for leaving the castle." Elsa said softly, smiling at her. "Had fun?"

Anna sighed in turn, in relief. She smiled back, “Yes, we had a blast. I lost my ice skates, however. I guess I’ll be off looking for them…” She looked up at her sister, hoping she had a better idea. Slowly, Anna started walking backwards towards the doors of the castle, nearly tripping over a cardboard box with scarves. 

Elsa quickly shot out a hand so Anna would fall back on a soft pile of snow before walking up to her. “I could always make you some later. But for now… how about we go have some fun?”


Cold Comfort II closed rp w/ unwillingqueenofarendelle




Merida smiles at her.” Aye, winters here are really magical as well. Th’ snow, of course, being th’ best part. My brothers and Ah like to race down the hills with our sleds!”

Merida gapsed. “Ne’er held a bow before? We ‘ave to amend that, then,” Merida smiled mischievously. “Ye shall ‘ave yer first lesson today!”  

Widening her eyes slightly, she bit her lip and held back a smile. “Really?” She said softly, watching Merida. “I think that’s an amazing idea.”

"Of course!" Merida exclaimed. "Everyone’s got to try once. Let’s head towards th’ practice fields, Ah’m sure we can find a bow around there." 

"It wouldn’t get you in trouble with your parents, right?" She asked as she followed Merida, clearly excited.